Strategy and ideation to development and delivery.

An innovative, client-first approach to software development and customer service.  Our teams work with your teams to achieve fast and efficient solutions.

Product Planning

Understanding your business is top priority.

We gain this understanding via a series of interviews and to develop a plan that will eliminate pain points for your customers, and address any strategic obstacles.

Data & Metrics Collection
Industry Research
Understanding your Customers

Visual design is important, but this needs to be backed up with usability studies, research, A/B testing, and easy to follow workflows.  We create inspired, beautiful applications that are easy to use, yet powerful in scope and execution.

Have an application that your users love going to instead of dread.  People expect more in business applications, making the end user experience even more essential.

Clean, Visual Aesthetic
Hand-Crafted Interfaces
A/B Testing

Enterprise Grade Stability.

We work exclusively with Elixir for backend services, and utilize Phoenix & LiveView, React, Vue or EmberJS whereever appropriate.

Our rigorously tested software and user acceptance testing is designed for adaptability and changing systemic requirements.

From Startups to Enterprise.

We work with Startups & Accelerators across the world in bringing ideas to life. Whether it is building a MVP, or taking products to into full featured production.
We work with Enterprises creating custom applications aimed at providing solutions for complex problems, data pipelines and infrastructure at scale.

CI/CD & DevOps

Rock-Solid Deployment

A CI/CD pipeline implementation, or Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, is the vital feature of managing complex systems.

Continuous X

- Github Actions
- CircleCI
- TravisCI
- & More

Automated Testing

- High Coverage
- Fully Automated
- ExUnit / Unit Tests
- End-to-End Tests

Cloud Infrastructure

- Infrastructure as Code
- CodePipeline
- ECS/Fargate
- & More

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